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After hiring, and training, thousands of successful sales people myself, I can say with confidence that Neil’s method is the way to go. From targeting the right sales candidates, assessing their skillsets, interviewing, and getting them ramped up; Neil has a profound understanding of what it takes to build a successful sales team.
John Martinez
Midwest Revenue Group
I wish I had Neil’s book in my hands years ago! Not only does Neil lay out the exact path for you to outsource and hire effectively, he breaks it down in detail step by step. He is handing the outsourcing and hiring process to you on a platter… resources and all!
April Crossley
Lazy Girl REI
The single biggest factor to achieve long term success as a real estate investor (or any business), is the ability to build a team and get out of the way. Most struggle with this, but Neil’s book solves this problem, and serves as the definitive BLUEPRINT to find what you’re really after…FREEDOM!
Mike Hambright
Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind