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Acquiring & Owning

Midwest Industrial Properties

Legacy Impact Investors is an Iowa-based, privately-owned industrial real estate investment firm that acquires and manages a portfolio of cash-flowing and value-add industrial assets across the Midwest.


We strategically focus on purchasing income-producing industrial properties that are not brand new (10–40 years old).

Business Plan

Some of the properties we purchase have a value-add component, which allows us to force value appreciation through proven business strategies.


We invest in cities across the Midwest due to our extensive network of connections, purchasing power, and the region's steady performance fundamentals.


We underwrite every deal with conservative metrics, built in shock tests, and multiple exit plans to ensure that we can operate across market cycles and shifts.

What We Buy

We identify and acquire stable, income-propducing flex and warehouse properties for long-term portfolio holdings.
We acquire and reposition value-add industrial properties with proven business strategies such as expense reduction & increasing income to force appreciation.
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