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Every business owner eventually reaches a breaking point where the workload becomes overwhelming. That’s why we’ve invited Bob Lachance to share his expertise on real estate virtual assistants and how this cost-effective strategy can help reduce your workload and drive growth for your company. Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

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About Bob Lachance

Bob Lachance is the founder and CEO of the premiere Virtual Assistant staffing company REVA Global. He played professional hockey for eight years, 4 with the St. Louis Blues in the states and 4 overseas in Europe. After his pro hockey career ended, he dove deep into the world of real estate and acquired his first flip in 2004. He has gone on to do over 1,000 transactions since then and has started multiple businesses, as well as helped to start one of the country’s largest real estate education programs. 

Connect with Bob 

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