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Get ready to level up your success game with Patrick Precourt in this episode as he shares a fresh outlook on achieving success and mindset. Say goodbye to fear as he provides practical tips on connecting your goals with your actions. Don’t settle for mediocrity, and join us to hear innovative strategies that’ll help you overcome obstacles and take action today!


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • How to effectively face your greatest inhibitor to success
  • Effects of human behavior, mindset, and belief on a person’s ability to succeed
  • The relationship between your clarity of direction and clarity of goals
  • A tool to help you create meaning in your actions
  • Tips on how to counter fear and its effects on people


References/Links Mentioned

A Fortune at Your Feet by A. D. Kessler, Ph.D. | Paperback and Hardcover

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About Patrick Precourt

Patrick, a Connecticut native, worked for his family’s home inspection company in his early 20s while pursuing his passion for Rugby and investing in real estate. His love for investing grew, and he became a professional real estate investor by the late 90s. He started teaching and speaking about his niche and coaching and mentoring others in entrepreneurial topics. In 2000, he founded North Shore Enterprises, specializing in pre-foreclosure and short sales, completing nearly 1000 short sales with his team. He co-authored the book “Wake Up and Live The Life You Love: The Power of Team” in 2008 and opened The Cage in 2012, a fitness center embracing martial arts. Patrick now focuses on personal development mentorship with over 800 students nationwide, helping them uncover their core motivations. He is known as a successful business owner and industry leader, emphasizing the power of teamwork and rejecting the notion of competition as opposition.


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