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    Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit as we welcome Joe Dillon back to the show to explore the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship. Be part of this conversation to learn the essential principles of becoming a better business owner, unleash your inner greatness, and achieve success like never before.

    Key Takeaways From This Episode

    • The value of aligning your business with your purpose and passion
    • Results-oriented action vs. value-based action 
    • Why it’s essential to gain clarity on your personal visions, strengths, and unique ability 
    • What greatness truly means and how to deal with the barriers to achieving it
    • Disadvantages of low self-awareness and personal development 
    • How you can lead connectedness and breakthroughs to a meaningful life 

    References/Links Mentioned

    Essentialism by Greg McKeown | PaperbackHardcover, and Kindle 

    About Joe Dillon

    Joe is a Real Estate Wholesaler and Business Scaling Coach. He is the CEO of Elevate Coaching Group. He is also the Founder of 7-Figure Mastermind, Acquisitions Powerhouse Training, and Lean Team. He has built and scaled a Wholesale firm into doing multiple 7-figures per year, and it is his passion to help other real estate investors scale their businesses just like he did.

    Through his experience, he has developed an unmatched expertise in breaking down the business like a surgeon, specifically in Marketing, Systems/Processes, and business structure. Joe helps Wholesalers and Investors turn their hustle/job into a real business with systems, structure, and predictability. With the strategy and guidance he provides, he helps investors from closing 1-3 deals per month to closing 5-10 deals.

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