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In today’s episode, we have Neil Timmins from Legacy Impact Investors in Des Moines, Iowa sharing his journey into the commercial real estate industry. Starting with single-family homes, Neil transitioned to become a successful commercial investor just 5 years ago. His finance background, coupled with a love for investments that started during his time playing football at the University of Nebraska, helped him find his footing in the industry.

In this episode:

• Neil explains why he loves industrial properties.
• You will discover the secrets behind Neil’s triple net factor and why the demand for industrial real estate is on the rise.

Neil also shares the secret to his team’s success and how they create deal flow in the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about Neil and his passive real estate investing strategies, check out his e-book, “How to Passively Invest in Real Estate in a Changing Economy” on legacyimpactinvestors.com.

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