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Neil’s first job was at a bank – and when he realized his mom made double what he did as a Residential Real Estate Agent, he knew he needed to switch gears.

He followed his mom’s footsteps and by the age of 29, he became the #1 RE/MAX agent in Iowa, but despite this, he longed for more freedom to choose how he spent his time.

Neil began to realize the power in investing and started to do so in single family homes. After a phone call from an agent for an off-market deal in a commercial property, then he was really hooked.

Now, he is CEO of Legacy Impact Investors, a company that empowers real estate agents to build wealth through commercial real estate investments.


In this episode, Neil explains that the greatest investment you can make is within your own organization. He also poses the audience with an important question, if time was in your bank, how would you spend it?


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