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The #1 Fatal Mistake Agents Who Invest Make

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You know that investing in real estate can be a great way to create additional income streams, but you don’t know where to start. If you are an agent who knows you need to take control of your time and create additional income, keep reading so you don’t make this #1 mistake agents who invest often make.

How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate?

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Wherever you go, you are confronted with the reality that nothing is immune from inflation! Aside from being frustrating, inflation can have damaging effects on your wealth, financial stability, and retirement planning. The good news? Real estate is a historically recession-resistant asset class. While inflation is bad for cash, it’s good for real estate.

Profit First for REIs with David Richter

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Increase your business profitability in today’s episode with David Richter, where he outlines a system to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine. Jump into this insightful talk to get clear on your profit, real estate goals, and expertise in closing deals. Key Takeaways From This Episode Reasons why real estate […]

Virtually Investing in Real Estate All Over the US with Paul Lizell

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Today, Paul Lizell shares what you need to know about fixing and flipping, wholesaling, wholetailing, and bidding or buying real estate properties at online auctions. Stay connected to the show if you want to duplicate his success and get remarkable results on your investing journey. Key Takeaways From This Episode Wholetailing in real estate: What […]

Massive Passive Income with Land Investing – Brent Bowers

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Build your financial fortress around vacant land and learn how Brent Bowers consistently takes this investing game plan to the next level. Dive into this episode to thrive in this profitable, passive income-generating niche while giving value to others, and overcome all your fears to dominate the real estate market. Key Takeaways From This Episode […]

0 to 748 units in 3 years with Amy Sylvis

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Unlock your ability to scale in large and emerging real estate markets as you dive into this meaningful conversation with Amy Sylvis. Discover the resources and tools to start building your connections and generate long-term consistent cash flows that will help you hedge against economic uncertainties. Tune in for more! Key Takeaways From This Episode […]

Success Through Virtual Assistants with Shaun Young

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If you want to accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur, Shaun Young will share what you should look for to succeed in the real estate business. Start listening to learn more about streamlining your company’s processes, outsourcing tasks, and developing the discipline that will propel you and your team to the next level of achievement. […]

Bring Power and Purpose to Your Daily Life and Business with Jay & Annie Adkins

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Pivoting for better life choices can bring you closer to your aspirations in all aspects of growth. That’s why today, we invited Jay and Annie Adkins to coach us using their experience-based tips in strategizing your success with the pursuit of helping others. Build business opportunities and live happier by joining us in this conversation! […]